Wednesday, 16 March 2011

When he first told me

We had just put up our Christmas tree and were watching our 8 month old son playing on the floor when he told me. He wasn't in love with me and couldn't be married to me anymore. His words and subsequent actions fell on me like a bag of stones crashing and sometimes trapping me in shock, confusion, sadness and anger.

That was over a year ago and I'm still coming up from the rubble. Some days I see the future with nothing but hope and opportunity. I feel strong and I get excited about this new life. Other days all I see are obstacles and all the things that are no longer. But no matter how I feel, everyday I get up and I take care of my son. I am removing one stone at a time. I am making it.

Thanks to an amazing support system of family and friends and the determination to do the best for my son, I am rebuilding a life for us both. As I have been finding comfort and learning from other single moms' stories I also want to share my journey with you.