Thursday, 9 June 2011

Missing my best friend

I rarely say it and think I should 't even feel it, but I miss my ex. I miss my best friend.

I miss talking about our days.
I miss his kisses hello and goodbye.
I miss his calls to see if I needed anything.
I miss watching basketball together.
I miss cuddling in bed.
I miss having beers on the patio.
I miss being altogether as a family.
I miss having a big tough guy in my corner.
I miss going out to eat and to the movies.
I miss hanging with our friends.
I miss his hugs.
I even miss going to the gym.

I miss what we had. I miss my best friend.


  1. Hi Kara, Once again your blog is so honest and heartfelt. I just know there's a special someone out there who will find you soon and this time will appreciate you for the amazing, beautiful, kind hearted woman you are. (I hope he's black and riding a bike too) ;-)

  2. Just dropping by to say hello. Welcome to the single mom blogging community.

  3. Thanks Kirsty! That was very sweet of you to write. I'm so thankful I came across the moms' group and met all you fabulous women. It has been a saving grace. And one of these weeks, I'm not going to cry.:)

  4. Thanks for the welcome Dr. Leah. I've read some of your comments on other blogs and look forward to your insight. :)