Friday, 24 June 2011

Oh wow...temper tantrums

So the downside of having an easygoing baby, is the total shock of the overnight passage into the terrible twos and the temper tantrum.

Yesterday there were three big ones, today just a couple small ones. It's only been about a month and I hear it could be a year or two or even longer than that before he passes this stage. Oh my do you make it? :)

I''ve of course seen the temper tantrum in action with other people's kids, and even remember my brother's explosive ones. But I always secretly hoped this developmental stage would simply skip my child, or I would always have the wits and patience about me to turn into my own super nanny; quickly fixing the problem with just the right words and successful usage of a little time-out mat. Yeah right.

A toddler, that launches into a shrieking rage with his body thrashing or standing so firmly as if planted in cement, can put you very close to edge. Perhaps sometimes they even push you right over.

Now I can usually predict, explain or understand them if I know he's tired or hungry. But it's the ones that come out of the blue, or are simply prompted by the word "No" that I find the most exhausting.

I know there are many different approaches and theories out there and I have to find what works for my own child, but I'd love to know what worked for some of you.
Perhaps I will read my first parenting book since pregnancy.:) Any suggestions?


  1. This organization changed the way I parent -- and helped me so much. See:

    I encourage you to read any of their articles about tantrums. Be sure to reach out to friends so you can have your own tantrums.... Hugs!

  2. Thanks Rachel! I will check this site out. We've had short hiatus from them lately, which is so nice:)