Friday, 9 September 2011

Farts are funny

Mekhi has recently become amusingly aware of his flatulence. He laughs at his own, others and especially the dog's. He even goes so far as to become quite possessive of them yelling, "my toot! Mekhi's toot! I tooted!" Then he points to his bumb and recreates the sound. I think this is all quite cute and funny.

Tonight as I sat rocking him to sleep, he started giggling. I didn't know what was so funny until a few seconds later and then he really let one rip. He must have felt it coming. His giggle was contagious and soon we both were unable to stop. It was the purest sweetest funniest time we shared that day; thanks to a fart.

Perhaps I should be teaching him to say "excuse me", that some people may think it's rude, and that he should leave the room if possible. And I will...tomorrow. But today we just laughed and laughed because come on...farts are funny!:)

1 comment:

  1. OMG Kara, this is so funny!! Eli calls farts Poop still - at least he is recognizing that it is coming from same body part!
    Farts ARE funny!!! I want to see you and Mekhi soon!!! Perhaps a weekend trip is in order...miss you.