Monday, 16 May 2011

I don't look so good on paper

I've joked with friends for months now that on paper, I don't look so good.

Single Mom
Living in Parents' Basement

I should really get a business card made up.

But despite all this, my days are pretty good. I mean my actual waking, breathing moments of each day are not all that bad. I wake up in a warm bed, go and get my son and head to the kitchen where the coffee's already brewing. We chat with my mom, play and then carry on with our day, which always pauses at around noon for lunch and then a nap. This is of course the frantic 2 hours of: job searching, connecting with friends, laundry, meal prep, cleaning up, showering and so forth depending on the day. Upon his awakening there is more play, dinner, play, bath, stories and bed. At which time I retire with a glass of wine or cup of tea (once again depending on the day) to write, read or watch tv.
On some very rare nights, I even go out with friends.

I know it won't be forever that we live in my parents' house.I know it won't forever that I'm home with him. And I know it won't be forever that he'll yell my name everytime I enter the room, giving me slimy kisses and clobbering hugs.

So I may not look so good on paper, but life isn't too bad.

And as my dear friend Nicole said, "Who cares what you look like on paper. Paper's what we use to wipe our ass."


  1. Ah, beauty with the paper comment!

  2. Ah Thank you to your friend Nicole for such wise words lol very true! :)

  3. Love your blog! Thank you. Was having a rough night and this article made me laugh.