Wednesday, 20 July 2011

You know you don't live in the most culturally diverse area when...

Everytime my sister Jodi tells this story she is brought to tears laughing.

The other day she was watching my son Mekhi for me and took him to pick up her own son from a playdate. It was just down the street so she walked as Mekhi rode his push bike. When she got there she said hello to the twins her son was playing with and their older brother (who is about 10 years old I think). The older brother said "Hey Jodi! Oh is this your homestay?" (referring to my 2 year old son as being a student coming from another country to live with a family).

At this point my sister had to look away and stifle a laugh. The mother started to apologize and commented how she really needs to get her son out of the neighborhood more. The family had recently had a homestay student themselves and I guess discussions came up about how young the students seem to be getting(meaning 10 or 11). Needless to say, imagining my barely talking 2 year old arriving on a plane, with suitcase in tow, to meet his new Canadian homestay family, is pretty hilarious.

Oh and that same day another mom asked my sister if I had "birthed him". That's a slightly odd question isn't it? Had I been there, I would love to have shared my birthing him in juicy detail! :)


  1. Mekhi will do just fine with you and your family having such a fabulous way of finding humor in things others would find, perhaps, offensive. It is a much better coping mechanism of dealing with things that other people say and do that you have no control over. A lot more effective than getting upset, in my opinion. I wish I could find the humor more.

  2. Thanks Jaq! We can not always control what happens, but we can always control how we react to it. :) of course sometimes easier said than done.
    Miss u guys,

  3. I get this comment all the time - people asking me if my son is mine {my husband is Jamaican, I'm Chinese}. I also get this comment with my step-daughter who has dirty blonde hair....ummm yeah. What do you say to it? Just laugh and shrug it off. At least you're not that obnoxious person {referring to adults - not the 10 yr old}.