Wednesday, 5 October 2011

How do I raise a 'good' man?

This question has been occupying my mind since another friend's husband walked out on his family. It seems to be an epedemic. I just don't understand.

Although my son is just 2.5, I have thought about this a lot. Not to say there aren't so many amazing men out there, because there are. I want my son to be one of them. 

I was raised by teachers and was taught happiness and success are not measured by material goods, but the relationships you have and how you treat others. It wasn't what my parents said so much as how they lived their lives. I know that I was lucky to have this kind of family and I want to instill the same values and morals in my son. Only right from the beginning his circumstances are so different.

I want to raise a good man that values people and relationships. I know we all want this for our children, but how do we teach them when their own fathers have fallen short? My son's father has many great qualities (I did marry him afterall), but he doesn't value honesty or committment in the way that I do and in the way I want my son to. So my son sees one thing, as I'm trying to teach him something else.

How do I make up the difference?

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