Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hey Mamas, let's cut eachother some slack eh!

As I was rocking my baby to sleep tonight (yes I still rock him and he's 2.5 years old). If you're thinking this is too old or judging me please reread the title of this post one more time. Thanks. The sucking on the soother slowed, stopped and then the soother dropped out. Passed out and precious. I could feel his gentle little exhales on my face. And then I could smell them. It dawned on me I hadn't brushed his teeth today. At all. Gross. Basic hygiene should be pretty easy to remember right? It's even on his Nighttime To Do chart that I made (that's the teacher in me for sure, but no judging on my love for dorky craft things like that either). Opps judging. Not dorky.

And then I started to think of all the other things I am far less than rock star about. 

Some days he watches too much tv, eats too many sweets and might as well have a salt lick tied to his bed, for all he consumes in pickles and chips. I let him have his soothers when everyone else seems to try to take them away. He plays shoot em up with my dad. I buy the stupid happy meal at Mcdonalds so he can have the toy he begs for and then plays with for about 5 seconds.

I use bribery because it works. If you don't I applaud you, but I also think you're a liar. :)

Some days I just don't have the energy, patience or even memory to do it all.

As a parent I have learned to be far less judgmental. We usually are doing the best we can and so are others. Just as you don't know what I'm doing to keep from going over the edge, I don't know what you are. Let's cut each other some slack.
I'd like to think, and hope, that on more days than not, my son's teeth get brushed, he only has one treat, he watches one age appropriate show (hey I still need a little break), he's not shooting me with his felt :) and we've steered clear of all fast food pits.


  1. I'd say we're all guilty at one point or another of not being the perfect mother but just because we let our kids watch, eat sweets or go to bed without brushing their teeth doesn't mean we're failing it means we're human because what we still are doing is loving them endlessly so a few slips wont hurt they will make it out ok :)

  2. I say, do whatever it takes for your little ones to feel the love. My son is 12 and still likes a little cuddle sometimes! Kudos to you!