Saturday, 7 January 2012

How does a marriage 'make it'?

Are marriages longer than a decade a thing of the past? Can people of our generation actually stay committed? Is there some sort of short-marriage epidemic happening?

Another friend's husband has split. He has quit his marriage. My first thought is not shock, as it takes a lot to actually shock me these days, but disgust. How dare he? How dare all of the men and women who runaway!

How can it be so easy to just walk away?

What happened to the vows? What happened to commitment? What happened?

Much time has past for me and I'm healing more everyday. I still don't know if I'd ever marry again, but I'd dare to love again.

I do believe in love, but it's a very different love than the one I believed in as a 27 year old engaged woman. I've learned a lot about myself and how to truly love and depend on the
person I am. I also have learned that there are no guarantees and most things don't last forever.

So can marriages last?

I've even thought, at least I've gotten through mine and felt bad for others who just haven't had it happen yet. How fucked up is that? But am I far off? Not statistically. So what are the secrets? How does one guarantee their marriage will make it?

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