Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012 will bring...

A new attitude by yours truly.

I was going to write about all the things I'm grateful for in 2011 and those I'm glad to leave behind. But in just under 3 hours this year will be gone. Over. The past. (Yes, I am home blogging on New Years Eve, but home with a sleeping toddler makes me happiest right now). :) So instead I am looking to the future and all that will be in 2012. I realized it's been awhile since I've dreamed. I've decided to dream again and dream big.

In 2012...

I have a fabulous teaching job I love with benefits!

I am in a committed and loving relationship with more than just myself! He's tallish, dark and handsome.

I am in the best shape of my life!

I am on vacation in a tropical paradise!

I am enrolled in a Masters in Ed program!

Bubba and I our living in a lovely 2 bedroom suite with room for guests.

It's going to be quite a year. Come and join me. What are your dreams for 2012?


  1. Sounds like 2012 will be a great year for you. Happy New Year!

  2. These are great dreams Kara, and really all quite attainable. I am going to join you in the tropical vacation in paradise, okay?

    These are mine:
    1) Own a house
    2) Move to a smaller community
    3) Have the perfect job in the smaller community
    4) Be in the best shape of my life!!

    Here's to our fabulous, dream-filled 2012

    Oh and 5) See my friend Kara and her little man more often

  3. So many things to be grateful for! I'm glad you are moving forward and enjoying your new life. Wishing you much love, happiness, and new beginnings in 2012!

  4. I love that you're dreaming big!

    My big dream for this year is to find clarity of purpose, and set some real priorities, so that I can free up the energy I've been wasting. It's time to stop wandering, and start acting, for me.

  5. Glad to hear you guys are dreaming with me. Let's make it happen!

  6. Your dreams are actually vey similar to my own!